Di seguito viene riportato il rapporto in Inglese di Monsignor Sudar circa lo status 2007 delle SCUOLE PER L’EUROPA . Nella parte finale del report viene citata anche l’Associazione SENTIERI DI PACE come uno degli “small” donors che hanno contribuito al sostegno delle scuole.





 As always, this Report considers two of the main activities relating to the System of Catholic Schools for Europe. These are; the summary of the situation in schools based upon Reports from individual Catholic School Centers and activities relating to the construction and reconstruction of school buildings (facilities) and financial state. The fundamental aim of this Report is to inform the Founder and donors on the state of this project and the manner of expenditure of donated funds.


  1. 1.     Situation

Following the work of the Catholic Schools I get an impression that they are, slowly but surely, entering a sort of more peaceful and secure stage of existence and operations. That is why I hope that this impression is not the reflection of a lack of initial enthusiasm on our part or the indifference of those that had brought our existence into question for a long time. All the participants of the education process, as individuals or members of some working collective, council, group… are performing their regular tasks. With only some signs of the lack of acceptance, even the competent Cantonal Ministries in the larger extent have been accepting and treating these schools as reality to be seriously taken into account. To be truthful, we have walked a thorny path.  

We are trying to achieve a higher quality, that we introduced as a reason for the existence of these schools, by setting standards and criteria but also by determining the means of their assessment. The system of Catholic Schools is gaining a more visible structure on a yearly basis. It would be impossible and inappropriate for us, as part of this project, to assess the spiritual and professional level that these Schools achieved. But the fact is that, from time to time, we receive positive assessment and commendations by the highest authorities (the European Parliament, the Congregation for Catholic Education…), and there is no lack of occasional praises from both ecclesiastic and civil institutions. I do not want to claim, with the above statement, that there are no internal problems, tensions in the routine operations of Schools, or external criticisms. But it appears that they are accepted in the greatest part as an unavoidable side-effect of the educational process and the state of mind of the environment in which we operate. 

Besides the previous emphasized strivings to secure the appropriate financial conditions for work and pedagogical standards of education, we saw the need for additional work with regard to the spiritual profile of the employees of our Schools. It is more and more obvious that the one quality more we wished to have in the work with our students cannot be achieved without the recognizable moral-spiritual profile of our employees. In this area we have done whatever was possible by organizing seminars and spiritual renewals from time to time. But it becomes completely clear that that was not enough.

  1. 2.     Individual School Centers

The state and especially the financial operations will be easier and clearer presented by individual presentation of School Centers. Everything that will be presented in the summary form for each of the Centers has already been submitted in detail to the donors for their donations and supported with bills and accounts. The financial support of the Cantonal Ministries comes directly through the Treasury and will be mentioned here only to show the complete overview of the schools’ operations.


2.1.         CSC „Sveti Josip“  – Sarajevo

The Center in Sarajevo is a distinctive representation of these Schools. By the number of students, schools and employees it is one of the biggest as it has always been and it gives to our donors the opportunity to check the sense and significance and „correctness“ of their support to this project of the Archdiocese of Vrhbosna. Besides, through the work of this Center, all that are in charge of solving the so-called enigma of education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, national or international, can measure the legality and quality of our strivings to build the System of Catholic Schools for Europe, and to obtain its recognition and acceptance from authorized institutions. Of additional importance are, therefore, the good results our students and teachers have achieved, both in curricular and various and plentiful extracurricular activities. Simultaneous to their more frequent appearance and awards outside the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina, an additional indicator to this is the fact that the „Petar Barbarić“ award for the student of the year and  the „P. Erich von Brandis“ charter for the teacher of the year for 2005/2006 school year were awarded to a student and a teacher of this Center.

During the school year of 2007/2008, 1260 students were enrolled into the three schools located in this Center; 763 into Primary school (427in Banjski Brijeg and 336 in the Stup school), 265 into the Gymnasium and 232 into the Medical High School. 108 teachers and 54 staff members participate in the educational process of these schools. In 2007, KM 2,849,605.20 (EUR 1,457,002.30) was spent on the operation of the schools. That was covered by funds that the Cantonal Ministry of Education in Sarajevo allocated in the amount of KM 2,738,500.00 (EUR 1,400,194.30), the Municipality Center Sarajevo in the amount of KM 30,395.00 (EUR 15,540.96) and the „Schools for Europe“ fund in the amount of KM 80,710.20 (EUR 41,267.10). It was necessary to purchase some school equipment and teaching aids for the schools of this Center. That was done out of the donation given by the Foundation Monte dei Pashi from Siena in the amount of KM 83,210.45 (EUR 42,540.88) and a donation by a person who wished to remain anonymous, in the amount of KM 93,644.44 (EUR 47,880.35). 

The Boarding-house for the students of High schools that come from outside Sarajevo is part of the Center.  In this school year 83 students were accommodated in the Boarding-house. It is financed by the compensation in the amount of KM 150.00 (EUR 76.69) paid by parents and the „Schools for Europe“ fund. The amount of KM 150,997.86 (EUR 77,205.16) was spent to furnish the reconstructed kitchen and adjoining spaces for the Boarding-house   and that was covered by the „Schools for Europe“ fund. 

Space and technical conditions for the operations of this Center are getting better on a yearly basis. During the summer months of 2007, the third phase of reconstruction of the school building in Banjski Brijeg was finalized. It consisted of the roof, Boarding-space in the attic, entrance hall, basement and façade reconstruction. For that purpose we spent KM 2,431,028.00 (EUR 1,242,983.90) and it was paid for by donations as follows: the Bishops’ Conference of Italy KM 1,383,697.10 (EUR 707,483.95), the Renovabis KM 682,574.20 (EUR 349,000.00), the Catholic Action of Italy KM 156,464.00 (EUR 80,000.00), the Kirche in Not from Koenigstein KM 97,301.05 (EUR 49,750.00), the Kindermission from Achen KM 97,301.05 (EUR 49,750.00) and ProEurope from Vienna KM 13,690.60 (EUR 7,000.00).


                                                                      Renovated school-building

 Thus, the total investment into the regular functioning, furnishing of school-rooms and kitchen and reconstruction of the School-building of the Center in Sarajevo amounted to KM 5,608,476.95 (EUR 2,867,612.67).

 2.2.         CSC „Sveti Pavao“ – Zenica

From the moment of its foundation the Center in Zenica has operated under aggravating circumstances. Complications regarding the recognition and inclusion of the employees into the Cantonal Ministry budget developed in the continuous problem concerning the execution of yearly curricula of schools. Moreover, the serious financial state of this Canton directly influences the state of mind and spirit of the teachers in the schools. In our schools it is also expressed through the fact that a significant number of Gymnasium professors have to fulfill their quota by teaching in the Primary School. For Primary School teaching they are paid according to the coefficient applied to the professors of that school. The „Schools for Europe“ fund is not in a position to meet their expectations by payment of salary differences. I feel that this fact casts a sort of shadow over the feelings and relations of the teachers towards the Founder. To be truthful, there are no obvious indicators that it negatively influences their motivation and relations towards the students. This is confirmed not only by the average marks of the pupils in the Primary School, which are 4.09 and 4.06 in the Gymnasium, but also by the increase of the number of employees. But there is no doubt that some other problems (unsolved property relations with the Province of Sisters of the „Klanjateljice Krvi Kristove“, illegal construction works close to the school building, unpaid heating services and transportation for students, no acceptance of the curriculum…) have contributed to a certain kind of tension. The obligation of the Pedagogic Council and the Promoter to show additional concern and take a stand for the employees of this Center has to remain with the purpose of maintaining the work on the necessary level.

In the school year 2007/2008, 643 were enrolled into the schools of the Center in Zenica, 438 into the Primary School and 2005 into the Gymnasium. For the operations of the Center, KM 872,179.25 (EUR 445,945.01) was spent. That was covered by the budget of the Cantonal Ministry in the amount of KM 798,595.65 (EUR 408,321.74) and the „Schools for Europe“ fund in the amount of KM 73,583.50 (EUR 37,623.22). There was no construction in this School Centre during the previous year. For years now, we have been waiting for the building permit to improve the open playground, for which we received the agreement, in principle.


2.3.         CSC „Sveti Franjo“ – Tuzla

The situation in the CSC Tuzla may be assessed with a very high mark. The schools of that Center have almost no problems in their cooperation with the Cantonal Ministry of Education. We may very well say that it has been so from the very beginning. The extensive report on the activities of the Center, prepared by the Principal of the Center, reflects the importance of the role the Center has in Tuzla and the whole area. The work of the schools is solid and it is valued both by parents and educational institutions. We have an impression that the new Principal, reverend Vlatko Rosić, acclimatized well and is considering the introduction of certain improvements in the manner of use of the school space and completion of missing programs.

During the current year, 841 students have attended Schools of the SCS in Tuzla; 517 in Primary School and 324 in the Gymnasium. 57 employees are employed in the educational process and 15 people as additional staff. For operations of the Center in 2007, we spent the amount of KM 1,259,830.16 (EUR 644,150.78). That was covered by the Cantonal Ministry in the amount of KM 1,162,.807.23 (EUR 594,543.00), by the „Schools for Europe“ fund in the amount of KM 67,611.17 (EUR 34,569.57) and by the Government of the Republic of Croatia in the amount of KM 29,411.76 (EUR 14,015.63).

The courts in Tuzla took care not to have the situation in this Center as if it is not situated in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Namely, they did not finalize yet an unfounded lawsuit initiated on the basis of a complaint submitted by a neighbor for the „closeness of the school building“ (approximately 15 meters). That causes the situation in which we cannot finalize the façade of the building and provisional acceptance of finished job and building.


2.4.         CSC „Petar Barbarić“ – Travnik

The SCS in Travnik consistently and bravely fights difficulties it has encountered from the very beginning. Cantonal authorities have not accepted this Center and that influences the total operation of schools. Reasons for that are the same ones that prevent this country from exiting the vicious circle. Complications are; the ten-year-long material reconstruction, lack of space, the fact that the schools have not been incorporated into the educational system, the regular supervision by the Ministry, and competitions. Moreover, the decision of the Human Rights Chamber has not been complied with, as well as the Agreement between the Archbishop’s and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and this created unacceptable surroundings and the reconstruction of school spaces in phases. All this has a negative influence on the working conditions. When we add to that the lack of financial motivation for the employees, the image becomes whole. Numerous problems require systematic solutions.

Notwithstanding all the difficulties, the report of the Principal hints that the quality of the education and results thereof are to be regarded as satisfactory. More and more attention is given to the extracurricular activities that are necessary for any school to fulfill the reasons for its existence.

During the current year, 1,016 students have attended Schools of the SCS in Travnik; 698 in Primary School and 318 in the Gymnasium. 60 teachers are employed in the educational process and 22 persons as additional staff. Although the Cantonal Ministry persistently refuses to issue the decision on the functioning of schools in the system, it covers recurring costs and expenses. Of the total amount of KM 1,274,991.83 (EUR 651,902.96) that was spent in 2007, the ministry paid the amount of KM 1,087,086.10 (EUR 554,975.55). The “Schools for Europe“ fund covered the amount of KM 187,905.73 (EUR 96,076.15). This Center had no larger expenditures for the reconstruction of the building. The fund was used to finance repairs.


2.5.         CSC „Don Bosco“ – Žepče

Three schools are operating within this Center; a gymnasium and two trade (vocational) schools. During the current school year 469 students have been attending the Center and 39 teachers are employed in the educational process and 22 persons as additional staff. The Center is still in the phase of construction, but it has good working conditions and represents a value for the whole System. Although the schools of the Center in Žepče are part of the System of the Catholic Schools for Europe they have a specific position. Their real founder and bearer is the Croat Silesian Province with its seat in Zagreb. We are all aware of the specific situation. But we strive to include and equally treat all the schools as regards the functioning of the System. That is also the case with schools in the Banja Luka Diocese.


2.6.         CSC „Bl. Ivan Merz“ – Banja Luka

The CSC in Banja Luka, for now, has only a Gymnasium that is currently attended by 112 students educated by 15 employees. The number of students in this school increases in large numbers on a yearly basis. This is encouraging. Material working conditions are good and the Diocese strives additionally to improve them even more.


2.7.         CSC „Ivan Pavao II“ – Bihać

The youngest Center in the System consists of a Primary school with 10, and a Gymnasium with 32 registered students. Both schools have 17 part-time employees for now. Both schools certainly have a foundation for future prospects, and especially when they can enter their own school buildings, for which direct construction preparations have been made.



As it is clear from everything stated in this Report, the System of Catholic „Schools for Europe“ is attaining its recognizable form and respected role. Truthfully, it is still in the phase of proving itself in front of lower officials of competent educational as well as clerical institutions. But, all of them respect the fact that 4212 students volunteered to be enrolled there, as well as 498 employees. As the time passes it is more and more obvious that some employees of our schools cannot accept the spiritual component without which these schools could not fulfill their missive. Therefore, it becomes obvious that we need to change and rejuvenate our education staff. For that purpose we allocated some Fund assets for scholarships to students who graduated from High Schools of our System. During this year, thanks to the Renovabis, and some other donors, we allocated 72 scholarships in the amount of KM 1,500.00 (EUR 766.95) per person, that amount to KM 108,000.00 (EUR 55,220.37). We financed the work of the Pedagogic Council, Seminars and other Lectures, performance of external final exams, competitions, awards…, from the Fund of the „Schools for Europe“, besides other expenses mentioned above, and we spent the amount of KM 42,500.00 (EUR 21,730.24). Regular donations of the Caritas from Siena, the Caritas from Verona, the Caritas from Piave di Cento, the Monastery of the Bl. Crescentiae from Kaufbeuren, the Association of the Sentieri di Pace from Bologna and many „small“ but loyal donors enable us to cover these expenditures, and to maintain the Fund. Thus, during the previous year, managed financially by the Promoter, we spent the amount of KM 9,165,978.38 (EUR 4,686,562.03) for the Schools of our System. I would like to use this opportunity to sincerely thank all our donors for their generous support on behalf of our students, their parents, employees of our schools and all that regard these schools as a sign of hope. We will continuously direct our prayers to Our Dear Lord for all the people that support us financially, morally, and through their prayers. 


Sarajevo, 27th February 2007

Msgr. Pero Sudar